Here we go

All band: Me, myself, I and Heikki (the bass player gets a job), we´ll take some gigs sometimes in clubs and other good places.
We ´re playing, `couse we like it. The subscription from here.
(Next gig 29.6.2011 - Get your ass at K-Klubi)
Next gig: 28.7 - Hiili, Aurinkoterassi). My regards.
Get your ass at Resistori-Klubi: Next gig: 29.9.2011 .. .. !
Next gig 1.5 at Kuopio Market Square at 14.00.
Next gig playing for Save the Rupla, 28.7.12 at Piispanpuisto (at Bishop´s Park of Kuopio).
Now: I´m gonna present some of my texts in three languages  with simple accompaniment at next TEXTfirst night.
Get your ass at Henry´s pub  15.1.2013 at 22h, for my please,..and the new gig: April 16nd.
I will get my ass and quitar to Lekkeri 13.4.2013 @ Helmi's birthday party with streetpunk.
the next time you will see me in Kuopio will be 26th May 2013. there comes a gig ... at Pushkin's statue to start at 12:00.
Next gig playing for Save the Rupla, 23th November 2013 at Rupla. Starts at 14:00 -> Get your ass on there where occurs!
Nästa min spelning ska finnas på Nykterhetshuset 2014/12/04 (kl 11:00) i Kuopio. Hör du, som nya arbetarklassmusik, några bra låtar.
The Next gig will be May 1, 2014 on Kuopio Market Square's stage at 9.00.
.. and you will also see me in Kuopio on the gig-stage at the lake of Valkeinen about at fourte
en May 1, 2014.

hemmagården på onsdag, den 28:e dagen kl 21 i denna månad ->
Ro sitt röv hit och se:
The Old Union Band.
The solo-gig on the Kuopio's VR-Magazine at 8/08/2015 Saturday. There will be some kind of antifascist theme. Get your ass there at 19:00. The next gig at same place at 29/8/
den spelningen på Kuopios marknadstorget den lördag, 12 september (2015) klockan 11 framåt.
det kommer att
finnas upproret nu!
Live at BilliardCenter oct 30, 2015. The FridayBand.
scenen 6 augusti `16 på Peräniemenkasino i Kuopio.
Följande gig på scenen 12 augusti `17 vid Peräniemenkasino i Kuopio-stad.
Jag har startat nya soloalbumsinspelningar.

Ps. Someone did ask,
my first album The Desert Songs is sold out.
I `m sorry.
(we are working with the new material)
(Update 20.9.11: Heikki has left the band.)
(Update 08.7.12: ROH Band Mark II works)
(Update 30.3.14: The Old Union Band has been formed)
(Update 30.8.15) the newly named: Fridayband.

30 juni 2011

I like this voice

The new production of Don Giovanni, by Mozart, which will be performed tomorrow in the Savonlinna Opera Festival, will have the bass Carlo Colombara,
See the Savonlinna Fest with soft sex and Colombara´s powerful, expansive and agile voice, in the lead role. He is a singer, who hails from Bologna and lives in Barcelona, debuted this character with great success last October in the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca.
And now in July he will sing the role once again for the audience of one of the most important opera festivals in northern Europe.
According to Opera´s director, Belgian Paul-Emile Fourny production of Don Giovanni will be dramatic.

29 juni 2011

Varje pappas dröm

På campingområdet av Punk illegal 2011 Munkedal intill festivalområdet träffades deltagare från hela Sverige och stora delar av Europa. En flicka i bakom av bilden visas som bekant.
Runt 1 000 personer, inklusive 200 volontärer och bandmedlemmar, besöker festivalen och många kommer åter varje år. Det skriver Bohuslaningen.
Det är punkfestivalen som genom nätverket Ingen människa är illegal samlar pengar för att stödja asylsökande som gått under jorden.
Förra året fick man ihop 150 000 kronor till nätverkets aktiviteter, vilket verkar vara en stor faktor för många besökare.
Dels tycker jag att det är en sjukt bra grej att de skänker en massa pengar till nätverket Ingen människa är illegal och sen så gillar man ju musiken,
Det säger Jenny Larsson som har rest från Stockholm.

Path to sanctity by Opus Dei

It will be the first time ever, when trial targeting the organisation of Opus Dei, branded a sect by some, which came to wide attention after featuring in the blockbuster novels. If we´ve seen the film (La Femme Nikita) Nikita, 1997, by Luc Besson, about a young criminal who is recruited to work for one kind of French intelligence service, we can find some contrast.
Two Opus Dei leaders are now summoned to appear in a Paris criminal court on September 22 and 23 on labour law charges of undignified punishment and not declaring her as an employee.

According to AFP one French woman claiming to have been brainwashed by the secretive Catholic society Opus Dei is suing it for allegedly keeping her illegally as a domestic servant.

Catherine T., who asked not to be identified by her family name, said she joined a hoteliers' school in northeastern France in 1985, aged 14, which she later discovered was run by associates of Opus Dei.
She said she was forced to take vows and made to work as a domestic servant for virtually no pay.

Opus Dei responded in a statement that it was `not involved in the charges being brought´ and had `nothing to be guilty about´, she told AFP.
They assigned me a 'tutor' who was actually a kind of conscience instructor. I entered into the system.... You were forbidden to talk about it to your parents.
She said the group compelled her to take vows of obedience, poverty and chastity and for the following 13 years gave her jobs with organisations that her lawyer Rodolphe Bosselut said were linked to Opus Dei.

The lawsuit also targets the University and Technical Culture Association (ACUT) said it had nothing more than a `cultural link´ with Opus Dei.

Catherine T. said she was made to work as a slave 14-hour days, seven days a week, cleaning and serving. So typical for cults.
Staff paid her a salary and then reclaimed money from her by making her sign blank cheques, supposedly to pay her room and board. Perhaps more typical of cults.

Young woman added that staff accompanied her wherever she went, even including on visits to the doctor. On these occasions she was taken to see an Opus Dei´s own doctor who prescribed tranquilisers that left her senseless.

Catherine weighed only 39 kilogrammes, 86 pounds in 2001 when her parents rescued her from the group. Lawyers first took legal action that year alleging "mental manipulation" among other charges. A nine-year investigation followed.

`There is nothing to this case´, said the ACUT's lawyer Thierry Laugier to AFP, nsisting that Catherine T. `was paid according to the work she did.´

What she did? And why?

Is more than sarcastic know that The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei (Latin: Prelatura Sanctae Crucis et Operis Dei), is an classified organisation of the Catholic Church that teaches that everyone is called to holiness and that ordinary life is a path to sanctity.

Duch banned ritual slaughter

Dutch parliamentary voted on Muslim and Jewish ritual slaughter on Tuesday.
The Party for Animals, PvdD, proposed a bill to ban ritual slaughter - and yesterday PvdD kicked ass.
The required law amendment, expected to abolish this exception, would affect Holland Muslim and Jewish minorities by banning Islamic halal and Jewish shechita.

The proposed ban is expected to get a majority nod from lawmakers after winning support from the Socialist party as well as the extreme-right Party for Freedom, PVV, led by Geert Wilders that was also likely to support the ban.

The Party for the Animals - PvdD is a political party in the Netherlands. The party, which holds two seats in the 150-seat Dutch parliament, said that such ritual slaughter causes unnecessary pain to the animal.
The party was founded to promote an awareness of the way in which humans treat animals and to emphasise that this needs to change – in the interest of not only the animals themselves, but also humans and the environment in which we all live.

We (in the western world) have no any other choice as banned brutal killing of animals by cults. Like Michel Eyquem de Montaigne or Rudolf Steiner has said, animal´s soul is not much different then the soul in human race.
If we eat meat, as well we can eat human meat. We have no any biological principles to prevents our own meat by food appropriate for human.

28 juni 2011

Some practical problem, cheers Greece

British Prime Minister David Cameron, a steadiness man, is saying that he would fight very hard in Brussels to make sure that Britain does not contribute toward a rescue plan for Greece.
Why anyone should contribute toward a rescue plan for Greece?
Enough is enough. In micro level, we can see, when some company will do redeveloping, cut off rotten, what the markets say? What the markets want to do?
Money-market rewards it.
Why this same mekanism souldn´t work in macro, it must be, in the case of Euro-zone´s seriously problems. I supposer that we can do it for poors.
That´s one possible way to go: drop those lands off by Euro-zone members leaders, an it will be the best also for financials of weak lands.
The first Greek bailout was done by Euro-zone members and I see absolutely no reason why Britain should be dragged in through European financial mechanisms or other mechanisms to support a subsequent Greek bailout.

Yes, and one way is to leave the Euro-zone.

Människa är ingen en handelsvaror

Minoritetsombudsmannen Eva Biaudet har belönats för sitt arbete mot människohandel. USA:s utrikesminister publicerade i går en internationell rapport om människohandel i Washington.
Med den har saken Finland placeras i den bästa kategorin.
Enligt i den internationella rapporten delas världens länder in i tre kategorier beroende på hur bra de lyckas förhindra människohandel.

This blogg has own way to show appreciation:
Citizen Eva Biaudet has deeded the right way and got something done for humanity and to give for merit The Defenser of Humaneness Reward.
About this our Virtual symbol.
Rudolf Steiner's statue titled The Representative of Man

27 juni 2011

The drug, made by nazi, had never been tested on 60s

The way of nazicism is the way of the machine, the dead, the rigid, the hopeless. But it didn´t stop at all with the Second World War, sure, plead by the latest documets.
Research by Dr Martin Johnson - chief executive of Britain's Thalidomide Trust - shows that former nazi doctor Heinrich Muckter was paid huge bonuses before the drug thalidomide was exposed in 1961 as the cause of thousands of deaths and terrible birth defects.
This aggressive world wide marketing campaign was despite the fact the drug had never been tested on pregnant mammals and was chemically similar to drugs known to harm embryos.

A former nazi doctor Heinrich Muckter grew rich promoting the drug that caused the world's worst medical disaster, according to a British thalidomide experts whose claims will be used in a global class action launched by Melbourne lawyer Peter Gordon.

According to lawyers for hundreds of alleged victims never before compensated will lead evidence suggesting that Grunenthal wrongly assured distributors, doctors and the public that its new sedative was safe for pregnant women.

26 juni 2011

There was a light that never came out

This midsummer is gone with strange connotations: The Continuation War between the Soviet Union and Finland/Natzi Germany lasted from 25 June 1941 to 19 September 1944, so The War broke up 70 years ago.
We are living in the liar all over this time period after this long wasted war, motivated by payback.
The antikomintern-agreement between Finland and Nazi Germany had been in effect: 22 June 1941 Adolf Hitler declared Nazi Germany to be im Bunde (engl. in league) with the Finns. Finland was – as Hitler put `im Bunde´ with Germany in the attack on the Soviet Union. Im Bunde Pact was made by spoken, if it was even spokenly.

The War was fought on the Finnish front, while Finland’s ally Nazi Germany waged its large-scale Operation Barbadossa offensive against Russia.
More than 63,000 Finnish soldiers died or went missing, and over one thousand civilians lost their lives in the Continuation War.
The Second World War gradually ate away at Natzi Germany’s powers, and the Soviet Union started to advance on all fronts, including the Finnish front. By 1944, Finns were thrown into a desperate defence. The war ended the same year.

In the peace deal Finland lost large the territories it had taken in the Continuation War as well as Petsamo, wich was destroid by Natzis.
Consequences by so colled Continuation War was enourmous in the context of estorism, for instance, some of Finns parties and movements also was taken the part of the ritual magic by Natzies, and this atmosphere lacked all the white spirtual aspirations of Finland.

Quotation from i=s/Patrik Wikblad, snapshotted at Helsinki Mellunmäki 26.7.

On the threshold

In 1999, Cardinal Medina Estevez presented journalists in Vatican-City the new version of the `Rituale Romanum´ that had been used by the Catholic Church since 1614. The updates came after more than 10 years of editing. It is called `De exorcismis et supplicationibus quibusdam´ otherwise known as `The exorcism for the upcoming millennium´.
They still do that.
I ´m not too sceptical, I ´m a clairvoyant. However, the world and structure of the human mind are not as same as were in the past in an ancien world. The social and cultural theorie relations are not as same as there were past.

I did note of one thing in the movie about life of Anneliese Michel. The Story was inspired the movie Exorcism of Emily Rose, 2005. We use fine medicines without knowing what drugs to do in our brains. Perhaps, it was the clue also in tragedy of Anneliese Michel.
According to Psychiatric Clinic in Würzburg, although an autopsy after Anneliese´s death. However, including microscopic study of the brain, did not show any changes or damage that could be responsible for the alleged epilepsy.
Anneliese Michel was born in Leiblfing, Bavaria, Germany on September 21, 1952, and was raised in the small Bavarian town of Klingenberg am Main, where her father operated a saw-mill.
Her parents were devout Catholics and she grew into a deeply religious person. She did much penance in response to the post-Vatican II changes that the Church implemented.

At the age of 17 in 1969, Anneliese began suffering from unusual seizures happening during the night, which involved her body suddenly becoming rigid, the sensation of an enormous weight on her chest, paralysis, and inability to speak (expect Aramaic).
The medicine also causes brain cells to lose sodium; this might have been the cause of Anneliese's absenteeism. She was insensibled, and as ones said, it could be reason that spirit do not operate like it works in a clear consciousness.
About 80 to 90% of Possessions are because of some fault of the person but not all. Some Possessions are caused by outside sources and allowed by God through no fault of the person.

One point frm Bernard Lievegoed, Phases by Man on the Threshold, 1985, The author also examines the manifold aspects of the human double:
Seeds of inner development for growth, hidden within each person, are described along with maps and guidelines for either those on an inner journey or people
wishing to work therapeutically with others.
Prof Bernard Lievegoed was a distinguishedphysician, educator, and industrial psychologist.

In his preface, Sergei O. Prokofieff states: As soon as we comprehend Anthroposophy as something living, we are concerned not merely with defining it intellectually but, rather, with developing a real relationship to it.

25 juni 2011

Min och världs arv

Finländska objekt på FN-organet Unescos världsarvslistan är Gamla Raumo, Kvarkens skärgård och Sveaborg (nu de tropiska Ogasawara-öarna i Japan hör till nykomlingarna på världsarvslista).
År 1991 utsågs Gamla Raumo till representant för den nordiska trästadstraditionen i förteckning över världsarv. Området på 30 ha och 600 byggnader, Raumos hjärta, är det mest utbredda och det största enhetliga trästadsområdet i Norden. De flesta sevärdheter, hantverksbodar och konstgallerier ligger i det idylliska Gamla Raumo.
Den traditionella Raumo Spets­vecka firas alltid där i slutet av juli.
Min morfars anor kommer från Gamla Raumo.
Unescos världsarvslistan listar sällsynta kultur- och naturmiljöer som anses vara av stor betydelse för hela mänskligheten. Det finns sammanlagt drygt 900 objekt på listan.

Gamla rådhuset från år 1776, idag museum.

Ett maniska drag

Danmark har godkänt en ny lag, enligt vilken alla utlänningar som döms till fängelse ska utvisas. 97 ledamöter i folketinget stödde lagförslaget, och bara sju ledamöter motsatte sig det.

Enligt danska folkrättsexperter kan landet få stora problem med den här lagen, som är svår att tillämpa utan att bryta mot europeiska människorättsavtal. Frågan är om det ens är möjligt, skriver Anna-Lena Laurén i HBL.

Klart, att utvisningsbeslut återtas bara då de strider mot internationella avtal.

Den danska utlänningspolitiken börjar anta närmast maniska drag.
Man kastar ut gravida finländska kvinnor trots nordiska avtal, utvisar ensamma flyktingbarn i strid med internationella människorättskonventioner och inför gränsbevakning inom Schengenunionen trots att det är mot reglerna. Internationell kritik ljuder för döva öron.
Danmarks integrationsminister Søren Pind ser ingen problem. Han vill att alla som `begår´ brott i Danmark och saknar danskt medborgarskap ska kunna utvisas per automatik. Det behövs inget rättsligt beslut och straffets längd har ingen betydelse.

Andreas og Jonas holder på Brandbjerg Højskole på fredag kl 19:30 med temaet :
`Bo og Lis som svaret på dårlige danske resultater i de internationale PISA-tests.´

Meddelandet till riksdagen den 25 juni 1941

Midsummer 70 år för sedan börjades vid den mörkaste tiden i Finlands historia.

Den 22 juni vid Nazi Tysklands inledande av Operation Barbarossa - anfallet mot Sovjetunionen. På morgonen kl. 05.20 den 22 juni 1941 deklarerade Adolf Hitler att Finland stred i förbund – im Bunde – med Nazi-Tyskland.
Nazisterna offentliggjordes operationen på den natzi-tyska radion där propagandaminister Joseph Goebbels läste upp en proklamation från Adolf Hitler: Just nu sker en uppmarsch som till sin omfattning kan jämföras med de största världen har skådat.
"Jag har beslutat att placera rikets och vårt folks framtid i händerna på våra soldater. Må gud bistå oss, särskilt under den här striden."

Vid inledningen av Operation Barbarossa den 22 juni 1941 utnyttjade tyskarna finskt territorium (den finländska krigsledningen beslöt den 17 juni att använda de finska ubåtarna för minering av den estniska kusten, och Finska ubåtar satte ut minor vid den estniska kusten den 22 juni 1941 klockan 07.28 - 09.06)
Stalin ansåg att Finland öppnat sitt territorium för anfallet mot Sovjetunionen.
Klockan 03.15 den 22 juni 1941 inleddes operation Barbarossa. Ljudet från tusentals kanoner trasade sönder stillheten. Artilleribeskjutningen höll på i ungefär en kvart sedan tog sig de första stormbåtarna över gränsfloden. Den 22 juni inledde finska och nazi-tyska ubåtar, samt finska och natzi-tyska fartyg mineringen av Finska viken.
Och under de närmast följande dagarna greps ..Nazi-Tyskland använde ändå finskt territorium för att transportera sina trupper.
Nazi-tyska trupper korsar Petsamo älven den 29 juni 1941.

Den 25 juni 1941 bombade sovjetiska bombplan Helsingfors, och Sovjetunionen bombarderade kort därefter de största städerna i Finland. I dag har det gått 70 år sedan officiell Fortsättningskriget började. den 25 juni 1941 att Finland återigen är i krig.
Det är klart, att Fortsättningskriget började några dagar efter att Nazi-Tyskland hade anfallit Sovjetunionen och Nazi-Tysklands ledare Adolf Hitler deklarerade att Finland kämpar på Nazi-Tysklands sida.
Fortsättningskriget pågick i närmast fyra år och krävde över 64 000 finländares liv.

24 juni 2011

Ska vi vilse i sinnen?

Sinnen är hos hållning.
De klassiska fem sinnena, syn, hörsel, känsel, lukt, och smak fastslogs av Aristoteles på 300-talet före före tidens början.
Den materialismen ingen kännas människa eller människans sinnen.
Det var yrkesskada, hände, vad som inträffade, och min knä är smärtsam. Men hela sinnena i människa är lika som sjuk. Människans sinnen finns till dels för att förmedla informationen till denne om både yttervärlden och den själv.
I dagens ju läge anses allmänt att det finns minst sju sinnen hos människor, och att det hos andra organismer finns åtminstone två till.

23 juni 2011

Jyrki pissar oss i ögonen

Statsminister Jyrki Katainen, Saml, varnar för en ny depression i Europa som följd av den växande ekonomiska krisen. Enligt Yle det finns stor risk för ny depression.

Med sin retorik hotar han ska högt hota vårt välstånd och våra medborgerliga rättigheter i Finland.
Men Katainen säger att euroländerna och IMF är beredda att fortsätta stödja landet bara om grekerna själva följer de överenskomna villkoren.
Katainen ville inte spekulera i vad som händer om det grekiska parlamentet inte godkänner sparpaketet. Det skriver HBL.
? Ja tycker att Katainen alltid spekulerar och hotar, vad som händer oss om grekiska parlamentet inte ska godkänna sparpaketet.

22 juni 2011

Until everything is accomplished

According to Matthew 5. 44:
But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

Through the ages so many are asked, why - within spiritual law by Jesus - a person who has put his feet on the spipiritual path must pray for those people who persecuting others, and himself.
the persecutor will be domed himself, especially if his victim is an initiationed. He binds himself, feel his life for unsatisfactioned, and soon perhaps will meet an unhappy end.
But pray for persecutor, and forgiveness is letting go of the hope that even the past can be changed. Free will of the victim can help persecutor life by rise him from his inner suffering. He will get a new opportunity wtih crace, and man can learn something about rules of life.
Thats why we have ethical principles and "one of this least commands".

Saint Anthony's Fire. Work by Hieronymus Bosch.

21 juni 2011

Summer solstice - something you can´t keep it hiden

Revelers cheer as the sun finally breaks through the clouds more than a couple of hours after sunrise during the summer solstice at Stonehenge, near Salisbury in England.
More than 18,000 people gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate summer solstice, witnessing sunrise on the longest day of the year.
Accordin to The Telegraph’s the event is full of fun little tidbits: The revelers are described as `an eclectic mix of sun worshippers, traveling hippies, and pagans´,
and a `Druid´ named Arthur Uther Pendragon conducted the traditional pagan ceremonies.
Nowadays we live the time as everything deep from the soul will be resurfaced. At the present time we will see some miracles. No doubt.
Not surprisingly, wrote Telegraph, about 20 people were arrested for som minor drug infractions. (Photo by Andy Worthington)

Dagens bästa nyhet: Christianiahippies köper sin stad

Här kommer dagens bästa nyhet:
Enligt SvD invånarna i fristaden Christiania i Köpenhamn har röstat ja till att köpa delar av deras fristad från den danska staten.
Invånarna i Christiania beslutade vid ett stormöte på måndagskvällen att bilda en fond med syfte att köpa loss delar av den gamla fristaden.
Christiania fungerar som en fristad för personer med vissa alternativa livsstilar, och grundades år 1971 då hippies tog över ett övergivet militärt område. De danska myndigheterna har många gånger genom åren gjort, enligt Wikipedia, mer eller mindre allvarligt menade försök att stänga Christiania, "utan att lyckas".

Nu en gemensam fond ska upprättas för att finansiera köpet.
Köpesumman går lös på 76,2 miljoner danska kronor, det vill säga knappt 11 miljoner euro. Billigt blir det inte. Därtill ska invånarna varje år betala sex miljoner kronor i hyra för de byggnader som inte går att köpas fri.
Det handlar om en konstruktion där delar köps loss för cirka 4 000 kronor kvadratmetern.
Vill christianiterna bygga nya hus i området kostar det 40 miljoner kronor till.

Avtalet betyder att de omkring 700 invånarna i Christiania kan fortsätta sin tillvaro med kollektivt boende, i daglig tal Staden. Christiania kom till i september 1971 på Christianshavn. Sedan två år tillbaka fanns där 34 hektar övergivet land som tillhörde Drikka.
Ochså svenska myndigheter har protesterat mot området och poliser har gjort hemliga besök i området. Det är sant, att än 18 april 2000 rapporterade Aftonbladet om hur en grupp svenska poliser, som var på konferens i närheten, gick in på området av fristaden och blev utkörda.
Enligt mörka nyheter i februari 2011 beslöt Danmarks högsta domstol att det är den danska staten som har nyttjanderätten (enligt juridisk terminologi rättigheten att begagna någonting som ägs av någon annan) till området.
Nu liver förhoppningen är att fristadens alternativa karaktär ska kunna bibehållas i någon form. Jag tycker mycket om den fria atmosfären av Christiania, och de samma kända på Roskilde festivalen.

Merits of Eki

In a famous interview in 2001, Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja compared Israeli defensive actions to the Nazi persecution of European Jewry. This led many in Israel to demand that that the then Israeli ambassador to Finland be recalled, write Dennis Mitzner in The Jerusalem Post´s blog.
To day I can compare Israel´s terror actions on the West Bank to the Nazi persecution of European Jewry.
More merits of Tuomioja:
In 2006, during the war between Hezbollah and Israel, Tuomioja put into question the notion that Israel’s bombing of UN observation post which killed four UN observers, including one Finn, was accidental.
Or it was "an accident".
And then Tuomioja doubted Israel’s sincerity regarding a bombing in Gaza which led to the destruction of the clinic operated by Finnish church aid organization.
Yes, doubted by Eki, I thought that the case was clear.

Tuomioja stated that `trade and other ties with Israel should be linked to Israel's regard for international law and commitment to the peace process.´
One of the best thought from his mind.

But if we have a state, witch not want to hear , what we can do?
Sweden and Norway have traditionally shown deep antipathy towards Israel.
Look at the mirror, dear Mitzner.

Accordint to Dennis Mitzner in Finnish politics, the Christian Democrats have always cultivated warm relations with Israel, but as far as the new government goes, they are a drop in the ocean.
Yes, they are; once I read their holly book: Jesus said to Jews: John Chapter 8: 44 -
You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
How can I understand this `right way´?

20 juni 2011

Present composer' s class from mediocrity

Is not great glad to listen Finnish´s present composers - Einojuhani Rautavaara, Aulis Sallinen, Kaija Saariaho, Ilkka Kuusisto, Olli Kortekangas, and som kalevi nobody and, of cource, osmo neverheard. So i remeber only mediocrities, go on making music, witch doesn´t move me at all.
I suppose that every western land has they own present composers, but I didn´t know them, becouse no one really care about their art.
After Sibelius, after Merikanto, Leevi Maadetoja, Järnefelt .. came nothing.

British humour about härmälandia´s midsummer fest

Usually the third weekend in June, Juhannus sees Helsinki empty out as Finns head for their cottage in the Lakelands. Okei, was is so, but then:

According to BBC many cottages still enjoy traditional saunas right down to the wood fire that has best lashed with beer to give the steam the yeasty flavour of a bakery. No real Finnish sauna is complete without vihta, the bunch of fresh birch twigs that are whacked against the skin to release their sap. After the self-flagellation, it is time to start drinking your way towards Saturday night’s bonfire.

The first kokko (bonfires) of Juhannus crack into life around 9 pm with the lights of neighbour’s fires ringing the lakes. Before Christianity came to Finland fires were lit for Ukko, the Finnish god of weather and crops, and the holiday was called Ukon juhla.

The greatest of the bonfires was called Ukko-kokko, honouring the god who would bring great harvests when summer came to an end. Swedish-speaking Finns harken back to older pagan days by erecting maypoles (midsommarstång in Swedish) though the festival was re-branded for John the Baptist (called Johannes Kastaja in Finnish) banishing any unholy ghosts.

Sure, just over 10,000 Finns gather to see the large bonfire at the parkland island, which is preceded by the Midsummer wedding.

And you will need a good drink, because as the glow of the bonfires dies down the bravest (and drunkest) Finns will swim across lakes to bonfires where the party still rages on.

British humour is a somewhat general term applied to certain comedic motifs that are often prevalent in comedic acts originating in the United Kingdom and its current or former colonies. Many UK comedy TV shows typical of British humour have been internationally popular.
At times, however, such humour can seem puzzling to non-British speakers of English, for example, references to British slang terms or people who are not internationally known, while certain Commonwealth nations tend to find it more familiar.

And everybody knows, the hardest top most drunkers in the world are Brits, Finns and Russians.

The world’s most powerful supercomputer has found

The winning computer `K´ according to New York Times is able to make 8.2 quadrillion calculations per second, or in more technical terms, 8.2 petaflops per second.
With this machine criminal hackers, if they can use it, could break every kind of pasword in the World, quickly.

Var så god

Rapporten `Hur mår den skrivna finlandssvenskan?´ baserar sig på ett brett sampel av texter från dagstidningar, årsredovisningar och skolböcker.
Rapporten ger inte belägg för att texten i finlandssvenska tidningar skulle hålla lägre standard än texten i rikssvenska tidningar, men det visar att den svenska som skrivs i Finland av professionella språkbrukare i allmänhet håller hög standard.
Magam rapporten har gjorts av den svenska forskaren Linnea Hanell.
Rapporten baserar sig på ett brett sampel av texter ochså från myndighetstexter, cirkulär, reklamer, webbtexter och även bloggar.
Myndighetstexterna får inte lika gott betyg. När myndighetstexter är dåligt översatta från finskan kan de bli så obegripliga att det i värsta fall utgör direkta demokratiproblem.
Utgöras direkta demokratiproblem? Kan jag se exempelvis en text av som visas på demokratiproblem? ja visst, de alla.

Hela måndagen regnade.

One reason to kill

Do you know that Stephen Elop kill Maemo/Meego only for one reason?
´couse according to Eldar Murtazin it will be at the same level as new iPhones - good OS with great HW.
Mr. Murtazin, sure.
Edgar seems to think that the new Maemo/MeeGo phone will be at same level as new iPhone not successor to iPhone 4, right iPhone 5.
Especially now we hear editor Eldar’s suggesting Dual Core inside - as iPhone 5 will be getting dual core 1GHz A5 chip.
How they say, ones heard it through the grape vine.
I ´m an absolutist.

19 juni 2011

Naked Nazi dances

One, doubtlessly aversive photo in the book is entitled Greeting the Light, and shows six nearly-naked rigid nazi men on a beach, doing something, some kind of `stretching´ exercises, I suppose.
Not only was it popular, it was approved by the Nazi party, which saw a positive body image as a means of encouraging the `health of the race´. If that also happened to serve the voyeuristic desires of readers, then that was accepted, researcher Christian Adam says.
Hans Surén's illustrated work Humans and Sun, was, according to DerSpiege, a bestseller during the Nazi era.
Now this repulsiving material is bublished in web by DerSpiegel:
Photo Gallery, by DerSpiegel, by Naked Nazis and a Surprise Bestseller.Ugh.

Former, antifascistical Finnish President Urho Kekkonen is to be the subject of a new opera. The production is provisionally slated to premiere at the Ilmajoki Music Festival in the summer of 2013.
Kekkonen, was first a Centre Party politician but turned forward to the left-wing.
Especially after the Continuation War, Kekkonen concentrated on defining how the nation can ptevt from facism and natzism: he hated nazies and teh rigid cruelty of those ideolgies, but saw as the only political option for Finland. It was a peacefull way, wich go on outside of crices by superpowers.
In time his views on e.g. Finnish democracy, patriotism, and neutrality became generally accepted in Finland. Kekkonen’s political goal was to protect Finland’s independence and national unity. In his politics, morality was subordinate to the Machiavellian `best interest of the nation´.
He was Finland’s president from 1956 until 1981. His lengthy spell in office during the Cold War was partly due to excellent personal relationships with Soviet leaders,

I hope that Finland does not lose the human bequest of Kekkonen.

Post scriptum
I am watching on tv a document The Unknown Face of Finland in War, 1995 TV documentary, by Lisa Hovinheimo. Document the firs named The paradice of concentration camps (1994). The editorial staff from TV2, Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, made documentaries with professor Pertti Virtaranta about Fenno-Ugric people in Russia 1941 - 1944. Documentaries describe `scenery´: concentrationed camp prisoners, executions, suicides by those ordinary Russians ... and film tells what happened to young women prisoners, etc.
Professor Virtaranta makes interviews, and reports his views and experiences.

Pengarna tar snart slut i Grekland

Grekland kommer att gå i konkurs.
Det tror Harry Flam, professor i internationell ekonomi vid Stockholms universitet.
Grekland har haft för stora underskott, redan före den finansiella krisen 2007, som maskerats med falsk bokföring.
Statens utgifter måste minska och inkomsterna måste öka. Men det finns mer grundläggande reformer som behövs:
Minska statliga ägandet i näringslivet. Företag som drivs av staten går med förlust. Exempelvis televerket ligger nu på säljlistan.
Arbetsmarknaden, det måste bli lättare att avskeda folk. Och konkurrensbegränsande hinder måste bort, ju, tillstånd krävs nu för olika verksamheter som gör det svårt för nya företag att ta sig in och konkurrera.
Ändra pensionsreglerna, framför allt i offentliga sektorn. De måste höja sina pensionsåldern.
Statstjänstemän kan i dag gå med full pension efter 35 år i yrket. Om man börjar jobba när man är 20 år kan man alltså gå vid drygt 50 år. Pensionerna måste åtminstone höjas till nivån som råder i övriga Europa.
Parlamentet borde samtidigt godkänna ett femårigt strikt sparprogram som skulle innebära både nedskärningar och höjda skatter. Sparpaketet på 28,4 miljarder euro ska godkännas i sin helhet inom juni.
Enligt den grekiska premiärministern Giorgos Papandreou tar statens pengar snart slut om Grekland inte får nya lån. Papandreou vädjar till landets parlament för att få stöd för ett nytt sparpaket.
Bland annat skatterna ska inte höjas för de fattigaste grekerna, sade Papandreou.
Måste vissa i samhället vara fattiga för att andra skall kunna vara rika? Nej finss det någon rika där, nej, de ska vara persaukisia på finska, och då vi skulle senda pergar dom, om det passar.
Det passar bra för Grekland, före kokurssen.

Grekiska staten lånar av europeiska banker. Grafik: SvT.

The Big Man is dead - Reqiescat in Pace

Ones time I heard , I saw, I felt ...
Clarence Clemons (1942 - 2011), Reqiescat in Pace, was the saxofon player. He died on Saturday at a hospital in Palm Beach, Fla. He was 69.
Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, whose jovial onstage manner, soul-rooted style and brotherly relationship with Mr. Springsteen made him one of rock’s most beloved sidemen.
Mr. Clemons’s first encounter with Mr. Springsteen has become E Street Band lore. In most tellings, a lightning storm was rolling through Asbury Park one night in 1971 while Mr. Springsteen was playing a gig there. As Mr. Clemons entered the bar, the wind blew the door off its hinges, and Mr. Springsteen was startled by the towering shadow at the door. Then Mr. Clemons invited himself onstage to play along, and they clicked.
According to New York Times The young Mr. Clemons was captivated by rock ’n’ roll. He was given an alto saxophone at age 9 as a Christmas gift; later, following the influence of King Curtis — whose many credits include the jaunty sax part on the Coasters’ 1958 hit `Yakety Yak´ — he switched to the tenor. He once said in an interview: `I got into the soul music, but I wanted to rock. I was a rocker. I was a born rock ’n’ roll sax player.´
With Clarence at my side, my band and I were able to tell a story far deeper than those simply contained in our music,
Bruce Springsteen added.
His life, his memory and his love will live on in that story and in our band.
He was working as a youth counselor in Newark when he began to mix with the Jersey Shore music scene of the late 1960s and early ’70s. He was older than Mr. Springsteen and most of his future band mates, and he often commented on the oddity — even the liability — of being a racially integrated group in those days.
`You had your black bands and you had your white bands´, he wrote in his memoir, `and if you mixed the two you found less places to play´.
I saw Him mid-2003. He played the best solos and also my favorite song Jungle Land from the album Born to Run`76 by by Bruce & E Street Band.

18 juni 2011

Ser och hör

Erkki Tuomioja återkommer på utrikesministerposten. Han blir utrikesminister, igen.
Jag ser inget annat goda i den nya regeringen. Det får totalt 19 ministrar än där satt 20 ministrar i den förra regeringen.
Jag såg att Sannfinländs ordförande Timo Soini förundrade sig över att Paavo Arhinmäki inte hade opponerat sig mot regeringsprogrammets EU-riktlinjer. Fy.
När Sannfinländarna i dag samlas till partikongress är det i närmast euforiska tecken. De skriver Marit af Björkesten/HBL.

Den inre vägvisaren

Det är så sant att dans är ett vertikalt uttryck för en horisontell känsla. Och i brist på annat får man väl sublimera sitt libido genom socialt accepterad invasion av främlingars närrevir. Der skiver Bek.
En gång sade Jukka Keitele att de finns det two alternativa former: om man förstå vad sulbimering menar eller han förstå inte det.
Sublimering ju var Freuds stora intresse.
Sigmund Freud menade att om det finns något i vårt psyke som vi har svårt att acceptera eller som samhället fördömer, flyttar vi energin till något som inte är konfliktfyllt.
Man kan behärska över sin energin som rör sexualiteten, och användas för att omvandlar det till något mer accepterat.
i synnerhet om den sexuella driften och esoterik, vilket även tar upp den Freudiska uppfattningen om sublimerin föt själv omhuldar.
En annan teori är Freuds uppfattning om den dualistiska och gnostiska driftsnaturen hos människan.
Carl Gustav Jung delar dock i stora delar Freuds teorier, men inte alls uppmärksammar Freuds tankar om dödsdriften som en motsats till livsdriften och so vidare.
I denna bild kan man tydligt se kärlekens erotiska natur; människorna är nakna, det falliska berget i bakgrunden, ormen såsom en symbol för libido, som äe sexualkraften.
Den hoverande Ängeln ovanför ger en erinran om att sexualiteten är en Gudagåva, välsingad av Gud. Ormsymbolen är i synnerhet intressant eftersom den är en hänvisning till den inom esoteriken så viktiga ormkraften, i österlandet hänförd till såsom kundalini, skirver Gyllenegryningen. Denna kraft är synonym med psykoanalysens libido och erinrar därigenom om sexualitetens vikt för allt esoteriskt arbete.
Men, stor men. Finns det sexmagi som inte är en heldsosam hobby. Det finns alltid en väg som leder till status, enligt Jan van Rijckenborgh, vad är likasom själs fängelse.

St. John på Patmos av Hieronymus Bosch, 1485. Gemalde-konstgallerie i Berlin.

17 juni 2011

See the sun

The sun has already been unusually quiet for about four years with few sunspots - higher magnetic areas that appear as dark spots. Scientists predict the solar cycle starting in 2020 will see sunspots disappear altogether for a period of decades
Astronomers say the sun should now be building up to its next maximum and that sunspots should be appearing on its surface. But three separate studies reported at an astronomy conference in America this week have found clues that the sun is not waking up on schedule.
The sun goes through a regular cycle of activity that peaks every 11 years. Within ten years the sun will be in an unusual and extended period of hibernation that could trigger so colled a mini-Ice Age. Who knows.

According to Dr Richard Altrock, who has been studying the sun’s atmosphere, the corona, for 40 years – found that a tell-tale march of magnetic activity towards the poles that heralds the start of the solar maximum has failed to materialise.
Yes, Mr. Altrock, with spoken language in Daily Mail, but the core of lociks works, I think.

Top Scam warning

This is like an urban legend, eh, or some old fairy tale.
Italian authorities and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in Brussels, Belgium, have confirmed that they are prosecuting members of a large network accused of pocketing more than €50 million (US$72 million) in EC grants for fake research projects. Whole entire structure was full fake by criminals.
According to Naturenews commission's notoriously cumbersome procedures and rigid control mechanisms have apparently not prevented a criminal syndicate from conducting a brazen fraud that has siphoned off millions in EC grant funds.
The fraud has been conducted in a highly sophisticated manner, resembling money laundering, by means of a cross-border network of fictitious companies and subcontractors.
Several project coordinators stand accused of having claimed inflated costs, or expenses for non-existent research activities and service.

The projects were apparently organized with the sole intention to deceive the commission and its control mechanisms.
While investigations continue, Italian prosecutors and OLAF will not disclose the names of the suspects, or the research projects with which they were involved.

I'm worried that some will argue that what has happened proves that we need more rather than less control, says Herbert Reul, chair of the European Parliament's committee on industry, research and energy, which supports the simplification of the EC's funding procedures.

But `more control´ doesn´t good idea: it won´t help if the system is likewise rontten as European Union. I think that the Union´s time has gone.

16 juni 2011

Mörkret skulle vara som ljuset

Det var det man var. Inte en människa med förhoppningar och behov; man var en slags enhet som förflyttade andra enheter. Man var inte en människa. Man var en signalpinne.
Jag frågar igen: var finns den berättelse som rymmer detta, var finns den dikt som lyckas fånga in det nya Sverige som inte är annat än en återgång till statarsamhället? Vi lever i samma stad, ändå inte. Vi lever i samma land, men du bor i ett annat. Ja, jag är arg på ett sätt som inte kan förklaras på annat sätt än genom klass.
Det skriver Kristian Lundberg, född 1966, till Crister Enander, född 1960.
Han skriver ett mycket vackert brev, du kan läsa det, till varandra under några veckor framöver. Lundberg, bosatt i Malmö, är författare och ­kritiker.

- Jag har hört att du inte ens äger ett exemplar av alla dina böcker.
Det stämmer. Jag vet inte ens exakt hur många böcker jag har gjort. Jag måste radera för varje gång jag skapar någonting nytt. Jag är rädd för att jag ska bli högmodig. Glömma bort var jag kommer ifrån. Och eftersom jag är den jag är: min klass. Det tycker jag är viktigt.
Jag tycker mycket om tonen: man ska radera (i huvud) för varje gång i liv likasom i en dröm, och sedan drömen är fria av dagens oredar.
Det spelade ingen roll vad jag sa eller skrev.

Enligt Lundberg alla hade redan bestämt sig för hur det skulle uppfattas. Att de hade en så klar uppfattning om vem jag var som människa.
En del psykiskt sjuka människor som hängde på där, folk skickade bilder på min ytterdörr. Det tyckte jag var obehagligt.
Lundberg sade:
Jag har en känsla av att om jag hade rånat en bank så hade det varit mer okej.
Det stämmar med kategori `Solen car´ av Bruce Springsteen.
att råna en bank? Hmmmm.


Hanging inside your carass.
Many so many have heard this row from one old song (Taking the Easy Way Out Again from the album Rhinos, Winos, and Lunatics, ´74 by Man), and wondering in hole in head.
Sure `couse we have human ego, and It (a big cedar) will be prevent to turn over himself. System on personality `I´ do not accept even that somtething´s goin to destabilize it.
It´s hard to understand, becouse our western civilisation has been grounded on the principle of idealism by selfishness.
As i have said, i like Pink. Recently she wrote: my life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes... now it's snot, tears, and the color of poop.
Sure, you can enlarge run on the water, if you have developed orientation to do it, and you hold the gravity (every real master can do it).
Anyway, I do (and write) what i like.

Fingerpori by Pertti Jarla/HS.

15 juni 2011

The coming new man

Helsinki City council’s decision to break up camps housing Roma from Eastern Europe is also evidence of a hardening of attitudes towards foreigners.
According to minorities ombudsman Eva Biaudet, she warns that although the city has the right to decide where camps are situated, breaking up existing camps does not solve the problem.
Their lack of security and rights in the departure countries does not give us the right to close our eyes. Rather, we should consider how our services can meet their needs. In part, that’s their right, as we are talking about basic services, like health care.

The time comes ...
New human, Homo noeticus will have ability to co-suffer, even feel compassion. Homo noeticus, is a term loosely translated as spirit-soul man, and refers to a posited next stage in human evolution. Jan van Rijckenborgh and Rudolf Steiner have predicted this evolutionary process speciation, one can say something similar as a new stage in human development.
Homo noeticus is believed, according to Jan van Rijckenborgh and Rudolf Steiner this is the clear path within future, to possess abilities which are now seen as paranormal, such as telepathy and clairvoyance.
Majority of souls of humankind will go on with our lifewave to the new world.
For one's part of lillle minority of brutal people, as we say heartless people, must co back, and they will start again human development in long time as also present animal souls put steps on this path to the next evolution level.

En porrfri dag

Den protesten menar att kvinnor reduceras till objekt. Låt oss se till att bli klara: porr handlar om att tjäna pengar på kvinnans kropp.
Den dagen ska affärerna stoppa undan alla porrtidningar och vägra sälja dom. De finns bakom, som påverkar altidd, den djupa sjukdomen i våra människobilden.
Hurdan är det snedat?
Människobild öppnas har skapat många omdiskuterade etiska frågor. Därtill vi behöver en religionfri dag? Den externa mänskliga gudom vakar alltid över människan, så som en despotisk pappa gör, men bryr sig inte om andra levande varels.
Fast ibland misslyckas man ju, blir deppig eller till och med sjuk.
Nedstämdhet kan vara en varningssignal och ett meddelande som vi måste ha tid och tålamod att lyssna till.

Vetenskapen om de mentala sjukdomarna, sådan som den utvecklas i asylerna, blir aldrig något mer än observation och klassificerande. Den når aldrig fram till att bli dialog, sade Michel Foucaults, och ja tänker att kyrkan blir de samma: Den når aldrig fram till att bli dialog.

De biologiska vetenskaperna har utvecklats starkt under 1900-talets andra hälft utan att vi skulle ha gården än förre djupare i människobilden.
Människan är kropp och själ, och enltig psykiater Johan Cullberg, om vi ska förstå hela människan som meningsskapande individ så räcker inte biologin, även om den givetvis är nödvändig. Läkarna inom psykiatrin i andra skandinaviska länder har längre utbildning i psykoterapi så att de får människokunskap också på ett annat sätt.

14 juni 2011

Without hope we have nothing

John 8:12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said:
I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.
I understand those words my own way.
Jesus was a bodhisattva of compassion, for he took upon himself the pain of sin. We need teatching, however teaching is tool to change our residence in our inner bearing.
Teachig is, as the Buddha said, like a ferryboat to across the river. And when you are crossed river, you must go on with your own.
He really said that.
Teaching is not self-understanding, is not understanding of self-confidence to master.`big confidence´, such word, especially in China old tradition will have truly strong up hope.

But teachin, even by books, can give us a vision about intination.

We know the Japanese story of the bodhisattva Amida, who too felt compassion for all beings. He declared that he would not complete his entry into nirvana unless it were guaranteed that all beings who had called upon his help, saying his name as few as ten times in their lives. It would at death gain immediate admission to the Pure Land. He subsequently entered nirvana, becoming Amida, the Sun Buddha.

What is a teachin? New kind of confidence will be possible; the path has much more wider knowledge then I have. Somebody says it´s Dharma.

The Ascent of the Blessed
by Hieronymus Bosch.

Aktat av den välgjord och estetiskt tilltalande filmen

Lapland Odyssey, directed by Dome Karukoski, grabbed a Silver Dolphin for Best Cinematography at the Portugal´s Festroia Film Festival. Princess by Arto Halonen received a special mention in the category Man and His Environment.

Jag tycker inte om filmer av kategori `Karukoski´ men Prinsessan är saken separat för varje fall. Jag tittade på den vackra filmen ovan och tycker det är väldigt tilltalande.

(As for Princess—its lead Katja Küttner, in a picture, walked away with the Jury Prize for Best Actress from the Tallinn Black Nights Festival last December. The film also won the Grand Prix Award at South Africa’s Cape Winelands Film Festival in March. )

Dirty jobs

Finnis governmet is really rotten before it is born.
It seems that corruption is everywhere in today's Friland. Accoding to The Raport of gray economy goes to mention by name two political partes, which will be protected corruption in Finnish society. Disgusting to read the papers by Government negotiations: our forthcoming Government's dirty Secrets.
Rkp esitti poistettavaksi muistiosta maininnan, jonka mukaan viranomaisten välistä tiedonsaantia harmaan talouden torjunnassa parannetaan. Rkp myös vastusti sitä, että rangaistusasteikkoja kovennettaisiin rikoksen törkeyden kasvaessa.
Kokoomus puolestaan vastusti työsuojeluviranomaisten valvontaoikeuden laajentamista koskemaan työehtosopimuksen noudattamista ja sopimuksen mukaisen palkan maksamista.
Samat puolueet vastustivat sijoitusten läpinäkyvyyden lisäämistä, kuten sitä että suomalaispankkeja, jotka hallinnoivat hallintorekisteröityjä tilejä, velvoitetaan selvittämään sijoittajien todellinen henkilöllisyys.
Muistio osoittaa, kuinka yksityiskohtaista tekstiviilausta työryhmät Säätytalon eri kamareissa tekevät.
This is the tale of an deep illness, in the core of state. I see only one solution: the new elections.

Det börjar tystna nu - Bilderbergmötet 2011

Bilderberggruppen höll sitt första möte år 1954 på Hotel de Bilderberg i Oosterbeek, Holland. Man håller ett årligt, ej officiellt möte där alla deltagarna är speciellt inbjudna, ca 120-130 i antalet.
Man träffas på ett hotell som helt töms på övriga gäster och i princip är omgivningarna ikring helt avspärrade. Säkerhetspådraget är enormt så även sekretessen.
Namnen David Rockefeller, Romano Prodi, och Henry Kissinger skall vara bland de som oftast, frekventerar mötena. Bland annat många inom Världens absoluta elit har vid ngt tillfälle varit närvarande. Flertalet svenskar och finskar har varit närvarande där de flitigaste besökarna är medlemmar ur Familjen Wallenberg och Carl Bildt.
Platsen detta år är Grand Hotel Kempinski, St.Moritz, Schweiz.
En deltagre från Finland var Matti Apunen, direktör för det finska näringslivets tankesmedja Eva. Andra deltagar: Ole Johansson, Jorma Ollila och Mikael Pentikäinen.
Apunen är en förra högljudd journalist. Nu han berättar inte hur mötet gick. Allt är i det pressmeddelandet, säger han.

Vi diskuterar det ekonomiska världsläget, jag har varit med några gånger bara.
När Svenska statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt den 23 april 2010 besökte Tessinskolan i Nyköping svarade denne på frågan om varför han är medlem i Bilderberggruppen med.


13 juni 2011

Adjö, premiärministern Berlusconi

Vänsterns ansträngningar att mobilisera italienarna ser ut att ha lyckats. Alla fyra förslag som Italiens premiärministern Silvio Berlusconi lade fram har också avvisats av väljarna i folkomröstningar. Fyra omröstningar hade över 90 procent av väljarna förkastat regeringslinjen.
Valdeltagandet ser ut att klart överstiga 50 procent, låg på 57 procent eller över, vilket betyder att resultaten är giltiga. Berlusconi hade uppmanat sina anhängare att stanna hemma för att resultaten skulle bli ogiltiga, men italienarna godkände inte heller de speciallagar om åtalsimmunitet som Berlusconi drev igenom tidigare.
Italienarnas vilja är tydlig: det bitande bakslag slog premiärminister Silvio Berlusconi fast på måndagen.

Berlusconis investmentbolag kontrollerar Italiens tre största kommersiella tv-kanaler, Italiens största mediebolag Mediaset, landets största förlag Mondadori samt fotbollslaget AC Milan.
Italienska tidningar var på måndagen fyllda med varningar till Berlusconis center-högerkoalition. Det skriver Aftonbladet.
Att Berlusconi öppet propagerat för valskolk har knappast stärkt hans anseende.
Synd och skam.

Mer pengar löser ingenting

I Grekland måste det skapas strukturer som stöder en tillväxt,
sade Nordiska Investeringsbankens verkställande direktör Johnny Åkerholm.
Han vill att Grekland bevisar att landet verkligen reformerar sin ekonomi innan nya lån beviljas.
Åkerholm säger i en Yles intervju att det redan från början borde ha varit Internationella Valutafonden IMF som ansvarat för Grekland och inte EU. Jag tycker också, att det borde ha varit bettre marschordning. Det finns ingen logik i ditt påstående.

I stället politeker defileras att Grekland har hittills fått 110 miljarder euro i stöd och euroländerna har gett löfte om mer hjälp. I morgon möts euroländernas finansministrar för att dryfta ett nytt krispaket för Grekland.
Åtgärder nu har vi valt den här vägen och enligt Åkerholm den måste vandras till slut.
Nu är det viktigt att vidta åtgärder som skapar förtroende.

12 juni 2011

Omnis determinatio est negatio I

Without the intiation we cannot understand, witch belongs in very esoterian. We need a decoding degree in cognition just to understand existence.
The place where Plato taught his listeners thrilled in the atmosphere of the Mysteries. Still it will be passed on, if we have the keys to get knowledge.
It must be a feeling, a sentiment, and experience, which is not gained by instantaneous communication, but by making oneself one with it, in heart and soul.
According to Rudolt Steiner the subject on which `Plato´ had not written and would never write.

Must be something about which all writing would be futile, Steiner said, according said.
The reference is to the inner education which Plato was able to give those he selected. For them, fire flashed forth from his words, for others, only thoughts.
Plato subtled inserted keys to the mysteries into his dialogues, along with puzzles and hints which he may have hoped would provoke astute readers into their own revelations.
In Plato’s conception of the Good was the absolute purpose of the world and the final cause of its existence.
We will ponder the good as the first principle of knowledge of eternal beings beyond sensory things, and contemplate the divine origin of the soul and its habitation of the human body, culminating in liberation after death.
There the soul faces the judgment of the dead and the purification necessary for entry into the Kingdom of Immortal Existence.
Persephone marble statue from Ancient Greece, in the Pergamon Museum
School of Athens by Raphael.

The manner of our approach to Plato's Dialogues is not a matter of indifference. They will mean more or less to us, according to our spiritual condition. Much more passed from Plato to his disciples than the literal meaning of his words.
The place where he taught his listeners thrilled in the atmosphere of the Mysteries.

Platon´s words awoke overtones in higher regions, which vibrated with them, but these overtones needed the atmosphere of the Mysteries, or they died away without having been heard, according to Steiner with Christianity as Mystical Fact.
Now overtones is govered by tempered scale, and we do not use voice like ancient people.
Under the circumstances in cypertime we have other way to get a signal of awoke, tools by sense. And searchers go throughout modern philosophy to the gates of esoteric philosophy - that´s the way inside in thinker´s soul; this is the biggest difference between philosophy and philosophy.

Any heading

When the visitors have gone, feel is so little bit empty.
House´s empty now, and I sitting in my kitchen. I ´m a kitchen writer - kitchen is a palce of my own.

At times in house garden on the sotf summer morning, listening jazz, and birth´s singin. I like being on my own.

Midsummer rose blossoms.

11 juni 2011

Do the right things

In Corrupt Land. The Government after Government here is corrupt - one of most corrupt organizastion is The Finnish Red Cross, and Red Cross is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world.
But now they are doing something.
According to the The Finnish Red Cross, over one-third of road accident deaths could be prevented by resuscitation of an unconscious victim. It´s continuing its efforts to promote the introduction of first aid courses into the country’s school classrooms and in motoring schools: first aid instruction should be incorporated into health studies in Finnish classrooms, organization´s saying.
Tosi asiassa, sure, the basics of first aid can be assimilated within a couple of hours with lengthy courses provided more detailed help.

10 juni 2011

Return of the six-pack

So colled six-pack team, six parties, was the only viable way to form a majority government in Finland.

We will get a sixpack instead of National Coalition, True Finns and Centre party coalition, it was not a workable option: it would have been a government of consensus on domestic policies but a minority on foreign policy. True Finns have hard, almost illegitimate views about cross-cultures.
The six-party group could secure a successful outcome and that a majority administration can be formed.
People talk about six-pack, wich also symbolize the grand use of alcoholm
and thats why having devilish connotations.
And political leaders talk about this some kind of wholesale package for alcohol products.
Is very fashioned cuckooing show off is acceptable for a time.
But about us, who are not illness by alcholism, we like the term is disgusting, and just tells by itself.

Existence without end (infinite time)

What kind of lyrics you like? I feeling gratified by the fact that Peter Hammill really knows what he ´s saying. A great deal of his lyricism is written in prose mode rather than verse mode.
Embarrassing kid looks into the mirror
and grins like an idiot at his own face.
For as long he lives he will not be delivered
from the stuff that he did, from his teenage mistakes.

I can barely believe it
how I went and let the `old school´ down.
Yeah, whatever can I have been thinking of?

Embarrassing kid, I squirm at the memory,
try to bang down the lid on the can of worms.
It remains pretty strange and uncomfortable territory
where my secrets are hidden, however absurd.

I can hardly conceal it,
how my ashen face got drained of blood.
Yeah, everybody can have a damn good laugh.

Embarrassing kid, you don't know the half of it,
but I'd stake a few quid you've got gaffes of your own.
Take a look at yourself and you might have to laugh a bit...
but the teeth that you grit, well at least they're your own.

And yes at the end of the day
we get what we've given away,
you bet: our eternal embarrassment.
Embarrassing kid by Peter Hammill.
There is something fascinating about obout new life orentation, as as it was in past tense, in lyric of Pilgrims.

9 juni 2011


Jag har jobbat dygnet runt, och är jag nog ganska trött.
i morgon ska börja en ny skrivare.

8 juni 2011

Hankering for my back-bedalds

Prime Minister-designate Kyrki Katainen, leader of the biggest parliamentary party, should remain in place as the lead negotiator in government formation talks. All parties parliamentary groups met on yesterday to discuss a way out of the stalemate in government formation talks.
Finland is a civilised country that needs a viable majority government, said Katainen.
His fidgety political advisers suggested that political support for military action in Nato. The deadline for Katainen to form a new government is Friday.
I´am skeptical about that.
I think that we do not need a strong majority government, wich is like a stronghold.
I´ve got longing for the stagnation time, instead of a new politic trends with breakthrough fidgety atmosphere. Vi have lot of problems, becouse collective gathering atmos´ feels unsatisfying.

Despite the crisis, people are happy with the way things are.
People want stability, but also marketes has needed for stability.

True Finns tell that their party needs more time to consider how their European policy can be reconciled with other parties, and also they vant knowing how flexible other parties are on EU policy. True´s head Timo Soini, if racism is prohobited, is better than Katainen.
Picture by Karlsson/HS.

6 juni 2011

Bokbåler - aldrig får hända igen

Det var en gång en bokbål i Karleby.
De unga pojkarna hade samlat sina skolböcker i en hög utanför garaget, men elden ville inte ta fart. För att mata elden tog pojkarna bensin med hjälp av bensinen slukade lågorna böckerna, men också den ena pojkens sko. Branden spred sig till garaget och vidare till bostadshuset.
En stor enfamiljsvilla fick stora skador när skolpojkarna firade skolavslutningen med att bränna upp sina skolböcker i Karleby natten till söndagen.
Ingen skadades då pojkarna hann väcka kvinnan som sov i huset på Hagafolksvägen i Öja, och hon hann rädda sig.
Huset fick omfattande skador.
Annars skolavslutningsfirandet och examensfestandet gick i stort sett lugnt till under veckosluts natter.

Man kan lära sig att i Nazi Tyskland på 30-40 talet hade bokbålar, att det var fruktansvärt odemokratiskt och var startskottet för förintelsen och att det aldrig får hända igen.
De sagär nu, att bränna bökker idag är inte samma sak som att bränna en bok på 30-talet, men jag inte tror på det. Bokbåler finns det alla lika som samma saken.