Here we go

All band: Me, myself, I and Heikki (the bass player gets a job), we´ll take some gigs sometimes in clubs and other good places.
We ´re playing, `couse we like it. The subscription from here.
(Next gig 29.6.2011 - Get your ass at K-Klubi)
Next gig: 28.7 - Hiili, Aurinkoterassi). My regards.
Get your ass at Resistori-Klubi: Next gig: 29.9.2011 .. .. !
Next gig 1.5 at Kuopio Market Square at 14.00.
Next gig playing for Save the Rupla, 28.7.12 at Piispanpuisto (at Bishop´s Park of Kuopio).
Now: I´m gonna present some of my texts in three languages  with simple accompaniment at next TEXTfirst night.
Get your ass at Henry´s pub  15.1.2013 at 22h, for my please,..and the new gig: April 16nd.
I will get my ass and quitar to Lekkeri 13.4.2013 @ Helmi's birthday party with streetpunk.
the next time you will see me in Kuopio will be 26th May 2013. there comes a gig ... at Pushkin's statue to start at 12:00.
Next gig playing for Save the Rupla, 23th November 2013 at Rupla. Starts at 14:00 -> Get your ass on there where occurs!
Nästa min spelning ska finnas på Nykterhetshuset 2014/12/04 (kl 11:00) i Kuopio. Hör du, som nya arbetarklassmusik, några bra låtar.
The Next gig will be May 1, 2014 on Kuopio Market Square's stage at 9.00.
.. and you will also see me in Kuopio on the gig-stage at the lake of Valkeinen about at fourte
en May 1, 2014.

hemmagården på onsdag, den 28:e dagen kl 21 i denna månad ->
Ro sitt röv hit och se:
The Old Union Band.
The solo-gig on the Kuopio's VR-Magazine at 8/08/2015 Saturday. There will be some kind of antifascist theme. Get your ass there at 19:00. The next gig at same place at 29/8/
den spelningen på Kuopios marknadstorget den lördag, 12 september (2015) klockan 11 framåt.
det kommer att
finnas upproret nu!
Live at BilliardCenter oct 30, 2015. The FridayBand.
scenen 6 augusti `16 på Peräniemenkasino i Kuopio.
Följande gig på scenen 12 augusti `17 vid Peräniemenkasino i Kuopio-stad.
Jag har startat nya soloalbumsinspelningar.

Ps. Someone did ask,
my first album The Desert Songs is sold out.
I `m sorry.
(we are working with the new material)
(Update 20.9.11: Heikki has left the band.)
(Update 08.7.12: ROH Band Mark II works)
(Update 30.3.14: The Old Union Band has been formed)
(Update 30.8.15) the newly named: Fridayband.

23 juni 2016

True, but so far away

Rudolf  Steiner  postulates that the world is essentially
an indivisible unity, but that our consciousness
divides it into the sense-perceptible appearance on
the one hand,
and the formal nature accessible to our.

according Reuters said billionaire investor George Soros on last Monday something like that. Russia emerging as a global power as the European Union collapses, in much the same way as the EU flourished when the Soviet Union started falling, he saw, within his speak in London at an event hosted by the Open Russia, a Russian opposition movement founded by Kremlin critic mikhail khodorkovsky.
Sure, that same vision has been already read from Rudolf Steiner. Perhaps it is worth, however, recalls this coming high Slavic culture will become a reality after about 1,000 years.

(Soros added that he felt "more than ever" that the EU's destiny hinged on Ukraine's future).

22 juni 2016

inte längre en sannfinne

Se sant -
Jag kan inte förstå hur konkurrenskraften förbättras av att exempelvis pensionärernas ställning försämras.
småningom, alla av dom har inte förlorat sin egna mänsklighetkänslan, eller inte förlorat sig sitt förnuftljus.
Men beslutet var svårt, och endast sen när hade jag övervägt saken i nästan ett års tid,
sa ex-sannfinländska riksdagsledamoten Maria Tolppanen byter parti. Hädanefter är hon en av SDPs riksdagsledamöter.
Hon var en sannfinne: en av de värsta av dom. Läs mer.
Detta avhopp är en protest mot regeringspolitiken. Man kan anse att regeringen försvagar arbetstagarnas ställning och den sociala tryggheten.

21 juni 2016

årets längsta dag

Släktet Achillea härstammar från
 grekisk mytologi
 - särskilt namnet på Achilles.
i Finland inträffar sommarsolståndet alltid den 21 juni fram till skottåret 2020 då det inträffar strax före midnatt den 20 juni. Den dag är idag.
Firas det,
den traditionella festen här på norr.

Sommarsolståndet markerar årets längsta dag och kortaste natt. praktiken förändras dock nattens liksom dagens längd ytterst lite under några veckor kring solstånden.
Från polcirkeln och norrut går solen inte alls ner, till exempel i Kiruna eller i Utsjoki.

16 juni 2016

mitt ingreppsorgan

I was sleeping.
She shone there into my darkness like a star from the sky.
How long time you have been waiting there?
Are you still waiting for?
If, I will jump into my suit - get black leather dressed.
I'll take it, man takes his real bike here. sure, there will be one who wants to go back on a road, like someone enchanted sword wants to kill.
I will be there.
Because I will never forget how it shines, the shining of your smile.
the shining of your smile.
there were shining of your smile.
I will never forget it,
the shining of your smile.
Feel pat's delight, honey, feel it pat's delight,

7 juni 2016

with some lowercase letters

1894–1962 - a man who hated
 to use the capital letters.
i'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach ten thousand stars how not should to dance 
by e. e. cummings.
the abbreviated form of his name often written by others in all lowercase letters as e. e. cummings, was an american poet, painter, essayist, author, and playwright. his body of work encompasses approximately 2,900 poems,
like this one:
i like my body when it is with your
body. It is so quite new a thing.
muscles better and nerves more.
i like your body.  i like what it does,
i like its hows.  i like to feel the spine
of your body and its bones,and the trembling
-firm-smoothness and which i will ...
a cummings poem is spare and precise, employing a few key words. sure, cummings decided to become a poet when he was still a child.
when he was age from eight to twenty-two, he wrote a poem a day, exploring many traditional poetic forms.

we know, at Harvard in 1916 he began to write avant-garde poems in which conventional punctuation and syntax were ignored in favor of a dynamic use of language.
(i will do something like that same)
cummings also experimented with poems as visual objects on the page. these early efforts were included in Eight Harvard Poets, a collection of poems by members of the Harvard Poetry Society.
... again and again and again
kiss, i like kissing this and that of you,
i like, slowly stroking the,shocking fuzz
of your electric furr,and what-is-it comes
over parting flesh….and eyes big love-crumbs,
and possibly i like the thrill
of under me you so quite new