Here we go

All band: Me, myself, I and Heikki (the bass player gets a job), we´ll take some gigs sometimes in clubs and other good places.
We ´re playing, `couse we like it. The subscription from here.
(Next gig 29.6.2011 - Get your ass at K-Klubi)
Next gig: 28.7 - Hiili, Aurinkoterassi). My regards.
Get your ass at Resistori-Klubi: Next gig: 29.9.2011 .. .. !
Next gig 1.5 at Kuopio Market Square at 14.00.
Next gig playing for Save the Rupla, 28.7.12 at Piispanpuisto (at Bishop´s Park of Kuopio).
Now: I´m gonna present some of my texts in three languages  with simple accompaniment at next TEXTfirst night.
Get your ass at Henry´s pub  15.1.2013 at 22h, for my please,..and the new gig: April 16nd.
I will get my ass and quitar to Lekkeri 13.4.2013 @ Helmi's birthday party with streetpunk.
the next time you will see me in Kuopio will be 26th May 2013. there comes a gig ... at Pushkin's statue to start at 12:00.
Next gig playing for Save the Rupla, 23th November 2013 at Rupla. Starts at 14:00 -> Get your ass on there where occurs!
Nästa min spelning ska finnas på Nykterhetshuset 2014/12/04 (kl 11:00) i Kuopio. Hör du, som nya arbetarklassmusik, några bra låtar.
The Next gig will be May 1, 2014 on Kuopio Market Square's stage at 9.00.
.. and you will also see me in Kuopio on the gig-stage at the lake of Valkeinen about at fourte
en May 1, 2014.

hemmagården på onsdag, den 28:e dagen kl 21 i denna månad ->
Ro sitt röv hit och se:
The Old Union Band.
The solo-gig on the Kuopio's VR-Magazine at 8/08/2015 Saturday. There will be some kind of antifascist theme. Get your ass there at 19:00. The next gig at same place at 29/8/
den spelningen på Kuopios marknadstorget den lördag, 12 september (2015) klockan 11 framåt.
det kommer att
finnas upproret nu!
Live at BilliardCenter oct 30, 2015. The FridayBand.
scenen 6 augusti `16 på Peräniemenkasino i Kuopio.
Följande gig på scenen 12 augusti `17 vid Peräniemenkasino i Kuopio-stad.
Gig på Peräniemenkasino den 4 maj 2019. Jag har startat nya soloalbumsinspelningar.

Ps. Someone did ask,
my first album The Desert Songs is sold out.
I `m sorry.
(we are working with the new material)
(Update 20.9.11: Heikki has left the band.)
(Update 08.7.12: ROH Band Mark II works)
(Update 30.3.14: The Old Union Band has been formed)
(Update 30.8.15) the newly named: Fridayband.

31 mars 2020

Why does he have a dog's name?

Minister Pekka Haavisto and his Special Assistant  Jeri Aalto were in Hungary.They were drunk, little bit.
Legislators are unhappy about Haavisto's handling of events surrounding the repatriation of Finns living in the al-Hol camp in Syria.
The Parlamente's pre-trial investigation is particularly focused on why the Foreign Minister wanted to move Consular Chief Pasi Tuominen to the new position.
Finish Foreign Minister Haavisto (Green) does not comment on the decision of the Finland´s Parliamentary Constitutional Committee to open a preliminary investigation into his activities in al-Hol case.
The Minister has no comment on the unfinished process. A thorough investigation of the matter is good for the legal protection of those involved, 
Haavisto's Special Adviser and a private poodle Jeri Aalto informed us.

The Prosecutor General has been asked by MPs to launch an investigation into Foreign Minister Haavisto’s handling of events surrounding the repatriation of Finns living in the al-Hol camp in Syria.
Parliament's Constitutional Law Committee lately announced that it was requesting the prosecutor to start a preliminary investigation into Haavisto's actions. Still Foreign Minister Haavisto will continue duties during the pre-trial investigation.
The issue centres on a dispute between the foreign minister and one of his top officials. Sure, according to Uncle Arkadia, he wanted to push through a suspicious plan to bring the women and children back from the camp to Finland, while sidelining Pasi Tuominen, the ministry's Director-General of Consular Services and ostensibly at that point the official in charge of al-Hol issues.
The pre-trial investigation is particularly focused on why the Foreign Minister wanted to move Consular Chief Tuominen to the new position.
Pekka is a small behind-the-scenes actor who takes revenge.
In march when Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held talk in Helsinki. At a joint press conference Lavrov referred to "the war against terrorism", while they are killing the innocent civils in Syria.
At this moment Pekka, nex to him, did not say nothing. But he looked like little bit unhappy.

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